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What are you listening at the moment?


What are you listening at the moment?

It's easy, just tell us honestly what you are listening at the moment?


I was listening to this while writing this:

Rasster – Summer Stories (feat. Matthew Moz)


What about you?


follow me:


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MC 2K - Baile do Helipa

on youtube because it aint on spotify!

carry the zero- built to spill. just started listening to this band but they make me feel things


Wiik - Yllis


Found this artist from a Boiler Room set.. Really interesting electronic sounds, a little off the beaten path but I'd highly recommend. 


I'm starting a little playlist for this type, if you're interested.

I'm listening to:


Far From Now by Patternist

Well I am listening to this new release currently, after having catched up today from listening to individual single releases from artists I am interested in currently.


Artist: Sodom
Release: Decision Day
Year: August 26th, 2016
Labels: Steamhammer
Style of Music: Thrash metal
Origins: Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


A very raw return to roots sounding release here, rather hard hitting. Enjoying it very much tonight. \m/


Daniel Caesar!

Whethan and Louis the Child on repeattttt

Currently listening to the album Gekirin Mania by Natsuko Nisshoku, which Spotify recommended to me. I'm really enjoying it! I can't seem to find much information about this singer online though.

Currently I'm listening to 2NE1's Goodbye.


2NE1 - Goodbye

This super lit song makes me dab around the house like a madman:

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