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What are you listening at the moment?


What are you listening at the moment?

It's easy, just tell us honestly what you are listening at the moment?


I was listening to this while writing this:

Rasster – Summer Stories (feat. Matthew Moz)


What about you?


follow me:


1,096 Replies

Hmm... Made a little song, but I don't know where to post it... (Recently got into Chill Hip Hop..) 

I'm tired after a long three days looking after two grand-kids so I''m relaxing listening to peaceful piano, a great playlist when you are in the mood.

What about screaming loud!!

I love this music so much. I can listen this music forever. You can play it on my funeral too.

Happy Hardcore is the greatest music on Spotify.


It's too bad most of the songs still under 1,000 plays, but I LISTEN. Like life and music never ends.


God bless, I hope Spotify will never and, as otherwise we'd have nothing to hear.

Jamming out to this playlist that ive stumbled on

I just haveta share my playlist loaded with Hardcore Techno!!1!!1! 


Woooo!! Cheers!!!! 🥂 


"If you think this is useful, consider accepting it as a solution or liking it! Thanks...!" 😊 

- Tec-04 (⌧ʙɹıʌи)

I have no affiliation with Spotify (as an employee).

Follow my Spotify

(I can help in English, 简体中文,繁體中文)


Forever Young - Bob Dylan

im listening to "when you die" by MGMT

My favorite band CHVRCHES released a new single today, so I'll probably have it on repeat all day.

They released some teasers over the past 2 weeks, so I've had the beginning of the chorus stuck in my head for days, and that's ALL I HAD. It's like an earworm, but WORSE because you don't have the rest of the song haha.


I'm listening to Unchained Melody, one of the best melodies ever written, just fantastic!!!!

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