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What are you listening at the moment?


What are you listening at the moment?

It's easy, just tell us honestly what you are listening at the moment?


I was listening to this while writing this:

Rasster – Summer Stories (feat. Matthew Moz)


What about you?


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I'm listening to the Spotify official Baccara playlist, just love this collection of cheeky songs from the hot Spanish duo, 'I Can Boogie' must be one of the most loved songs from any female duo.  I know Maria died recently but I don't know about Cristina, they are/were similar ages.  Real easy dance music too.

Count Me Out - Kendrick Lamar

My recent obsession has been Weekends by Classixx and Local Natives


Also while I'm here, I might as well promote my recent idea.

It's a device indicator within Friend Activity. Shows you what device your friends are listening on.


Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Listening to my ultimate playlist:

i just realized you have to click to see the whole thing haha

I stumbled upon this lovely artist today. Currently binging all of her songs. So far, I like all of them!


Here's my favorite so far

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