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What’s Funk or Soul?


What’s Funk or Soul?

A Selection of the Best Funk & Soul contamination record ever made!

Plz let me know yours opinion and your playlist?

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Sounds more like R&B Jazz to me. If you are looking for whats soul and funk, than I got you covered with this list



Sure that’s funk!
But I’m searching soul and funk contamination with other genre...

thanks again for your opinion

you're playlist it's so cool, i think you can love mine!check!


Like this playlist!

Love your playlist! My playlist is a mix but funk and soul are definitely the main genre.


Hey GuardanMe! Followed - the playlist is awesome, it's a brilliant mix of fresh alternative jazz/soul beats with classic funk influences and bass lines.


I've got a four-hour brief intro to funk, loaded with old and new sounds for soul fans, enjoy 🙂

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