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What's Your way to find music other than You listen to?


What's Your way to find music other than You listen to?

Hello there, I love to find "new" music, so how can I find different than I listen to? I looked in various sources (YouTube, Viral, TikTok, Spotalike, Playlists in Spotify, etc), but there is nothing interesting for me. So I write this post to know your way to search it or you can send playlist or song that you like/love to listen (preferably it should be English or Polish music). At the end I will share music that I listen to and someone might benefit! So catch it:
1. (It's an artist) Lor, I prefer album "Lowlight"
2. (It's an artist too) Juniper Vale, album "Everything is color"
3. "Galactic Dreamer" (from Star Wars Visions) from Nonpe
4. (An artist) AtinPiano, every song is beautiful I think
5. I should put it in first point, because it's one of my favorite songs, "Cornfield Chase" (from Interstellar) from Hans Zimmer (Hans Zimmer have a lot of beautiful music from movies, if someone doesn't know)
6. And I think the last one point, "Robbery" from Juice WRLD

That's all, so I'd love to see Your music and ways to find other! Have a nice day!

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