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Which songs are your guilty pleasure?


Which songs are your guilty pleasure?

I think we all have a couple of songs that we love and can't stop listening to, but still feel ashamed when someone else finds out. Either because it is so different from our typical taste in music or because it just doesn't seem to fit our general personality.

Our guilty pleasure in music.

I would love to hear what you guys see as your guilty pleasure, but since it is a very private topic I will start with some of mine to get things started:

spotify:track:5jVJAojK3LFKETjI2gYb8O  spotify:track:4bPQs0PHn4xbipzdPfn6du  spotify:track:66hayvUbTotekKU3H4ta1f  spotify:track:2Qu4snHWjiF1bIIggf3R8i


Ok, so while sorting through my playlists, deciding what to share with you, I realized just how hard it really is. Hope you still feel like sharing yours!



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@lukenamop thank you for sharing!

I love your idea with the playlist compilation. Will get on to that!

And I love your selection of your very own guilty pleasures. Two of them are on my extended list as well. Great to see I'm not alone.

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I was just listening to this song...definitely fits into the 'guilty pleasure' category..



I chose one of her less explicit songs to post, but I can't help blasting all of Cupcakke's music 


My guilty pleasure music is basically really sugary pop music from the mid to late 90s right through to the early 2000s mainly because it's what I grew up with. I apologise if you haven't heard of some of the Aussie acts in this playlist.








I used to live in South Korea when I was younger, and while my classmates and friends were obsessed in K-pop, I didn't find the charm in the songs. So, I said I wasn't interested in K-pop, and that I would never be.

Turns out, many years later, I'd get obsessed with songs like "Life goes on," "Maria," "What is Love?" and more. If my friends found out... it would be pretty embarrassing. 

(I think I'm more of an avid fan of K-pop then my friends were) 


I unironically like a multitude of songs that most would sneer at. 

In another thread, i was led to an awesome trap-metal song that i dug a lot. Picking a random song from the featured artist on that track, i found an incredibly goofy spoken-word rap that made me giggle with a grimace and shudder while shaking my head

@Eclipse_31 - I listened to Photograph for the first time probably since I saw the music video on MTV back in... 2006. I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting it 🙂

Speaking of photographs, this song is a definite guilty pleasure of mine (and I'm not afraid to admit it):


Side-note: A friend and I had a guilty pleasures-themed listening party a few weeks back. It was both wonderful and awful at the same time 😄

Holy god, the Cheeky Girls



That group made me die so many deaths when they popped up in the top10 listening parties. 😂😵


Regarding what would be a guilty pleasure for me.. I love this artist named Spank Rock. They have utterly filthy lyrics, but the songs are such bangers!




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I dont understand why 'Where R U Now' is on here 

Emotionally its a solid and meaningful song, while musically it's very well produced 


Dont be ashamed friend 

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