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Who is behind "The Sounds of Spotify"


Who is behind "The Sounds of Spotify"

I am always looking for specific sub-genres of music and these guys have a ton of comprehensive playlists from Grindcore to Blues Rock. I just subscribed to a few of them. I am just curious who they are. Any ideas? Here is their profile:

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Hi there! 

All those playlists are made by The Echo Nest, which Spotify bought some time ago. They made automatically with a lot of deep algorithms. 

You'll find even more at 

You can also follow the guy behind it on Twitter:


I agree with you, there's tons of great playlists coming out from The Echo Nest/The Sounds of Spotify 🙂

Thanks a lot. I'm loving this

I've been having a lot of fun with The Sounds of Spotify but the other day I tried to use the Radio and it is awful. They obviously have not incorporated the same algorithm. Does anyone know if there is a plan to integrate it all. I guess Radio could be obsolete with these massive Sounds of Spotify playlists.

I dont think so... 'cause the Copy pasted my playlist 😉

Oh man is that true?! Do you have some playlists?

Anyone know how you can submit to their playlists?

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