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Who's your best Spotify discovery?


Who's your best Spotify discovery?

Hey guys!


I love using Spotify to discover new music, whether it's via Discover Weekly or the Discover section in general. One of my favourite ways to find new artists is actually by looking at the Related Artists section on my fave musicians' Artist Pages.


So, my question is: what are the best songs / artists that you've discovered on Spotify? 


My best artist discoveries are probably:

Bear's Den (,

Eliza and the Bear (,

and Oh Wonder! (


The best tracks I've discovered are:

What Would I Do Without You: (,

Happy: (

and Portland, Maine: (


Looking forward to hearing your discoveries!


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 Good evening from the UK.


This is my second post. 


My name is Jon.


I don't know why I am beginning to sound like I am at my first AA meeting. However, I joined Spotify probably 2009/2010. It was great. It was all free, with no adverts then. That was great. I am now back.


When I remember more I will maybe come back and add again, however the biggest Spotify 'find' for me was 'the Sword'. This is the first band I ever found on Spotify through related artists. Hooked straight away. One of those things I always wanted to exist. Top Hit:    - Freya


Yes. Take that in. In my opinion Thin Lizzy never really recovered from Lynott. The Sword however I believe have taken the torch. I came across these suggested whilst listening to Kyuss.


This band were also the band that got me into Game of Thrones. They did a great track about the Game of Thrones 'Nights Watch'. in 2008 album: 'Gods of the Earth'


When I think of the others I will come back. However they will all come thick and flooding now because Sword added to listening to a lot of stoner rock/desert rock/doom/metal kinda of stuff. Spotify was great for finding new bands in that vein that had no public commercial success to justify major record shops selling.


So yeah, the Sword. I have seen them live four times; they always kill it. I have all their albums on Spotify, and CD. 


Cool stuff. 70's influenced rockers. They can play. Great guitars. Great facial hair.





I guess my best discovery it was Martin Jensen - All I Wanna Do ( ) and i also discovered a lot of acoustic / indie tracks. 
Already had heard about OH WONDER, but the other two you mentioned are pretty cool. 
If you want just follow my channel for more good music, daily.

Hard to pin it down.

One of the best Spotify discoveries I've had this year was back in Feburary, when I came across this remix of 'Wide Open' by the Chemical Brothers:



Another one that sticks out in my memory is a bonus track I came across (maybe through Discover) on the 20th Anniversary edition of '...And Out Come The Wolves' by Rancid called 'That's Entertainment'

Killer basslines all throughout the song

this new CEDM guy called Gunem is amazing. Wish there was more. Also who is this vocalists? She is absolutley beautiful.

@Musicalino Welcome, Jon ^_^ your grammar may be too good for the internet

@Natalie Thumpers, Savages and Frankie Cosmos are three quality artists that come to mind!

Good lord, was my grammar that bad?


I wasn't really all there when I wrote it. I was having a bit of a chill and, and blasting some music.


Thank you!

Hey everyone, 


Hope you're all doing great. 


Looks like it has been quiet around here in the past few years. I just stumbled upon the thread and thought this is a great question, so here we go. I'll give you 3 examples, even though there are a lot more in my library: 








Since @Natalie mentioned about this, everyone has their own ways of discovering new music by using the numerous features on Spotify. My favorite ways are listening to a Radio based on whatever item I select, Playlists or the recommendations I get on the homepage of the web player. 



I mean.. Spotify algorithms did recommend me Amon Tobin and.. look at where I am now. : )


Pretty much all of my recent music discoveries have been driven by friends, artists and communities I'm part of talking stuff and doing events
though, so I really can't tell too well..


Since is part of Spotify, I have found some really nice music from there. I worked through drone folk and psyche folk playlists and found these:





Most of the time I struggle to recall where I discovered most of my favourite artists.. 😄

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Here are three of my favorite artists that I found by using Spotify:


1.     King Buffalo


2.     Naxatras


3.     Causa Sui


And here are three of my favorite tracks that I discovered by using Spotify:


1.     “Proton Lander” – Spaceslug


2.     “The Hidden Step” – Ozric Tentacles


3.     “Sindran Rastafan” – Hidria Spacefolk


I can’t remember which feature I used on Spotify to discover these artists. However, I think that I tend to find music on Spotify to add to my library most often by checking out the recommendations on the Home screen or on Browse-> Discover, as well as via the recommendations on the “Fans Also Like” and “About -> Discovered On” sections of artist pages.



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This has to be my favorite Discovery on Spotify, Thank You Spotify!!!!

oh my god yes yes yes!! He's such an unbelievably underrated artist

It would probably have to be Kid Quill you should totally check him out its rap but a happy sort of rap without being cheesy.


Also this guy is great.



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