🎸 Your dose of Indie πŸŒƒ

🎸 Your dose of Indie πŸŒƒ

🌌 A dose of Indie for when you feel like chilling, lying on bed doing nothing, skating, taking a stroll at night, or simply use it as bgm to do whatever. 


From INDIE POP and DREAM/BEDROOM POP to LOFI INDIE and INDIE ROCK, this playlist is great for exploring lessly known artists that deserve much much more listeners and appreciation! πŸŒ†πŸŽ‘


p.s. lowkey trying to find someone with similar music taste

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You may  like my playlist has some similar artists.


ps. Hoops is awesome!!

Really appreciate this, just gave you a follow. Always good to rep the next generation of artists coming through. Check us out, we're all about that as well.

We just came out with this album, hope you like it xx

Love your playlist, I recommend this new indie band too that I think you'll like

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