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Your own 2021 year - right before Spotify Wrapped is coming


Your own 2021 year - right before Spotify Wrapped is coming

Each year I'm collecting 100 songs of different artists to sum up the year. Here's the playlist of this year. If you got your own year summary playlist post it here! 🙂

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That's a cool topic @Nimrodg! Wrapped is my favorite part of the holidays, no joke. How did you pick those 100 tracks?


I personally find it difficult myself, there's always a couple of tracks that stand out but then for the rest, I'd add them all and have a hard time keeping it to just 100 😁  @Amayy shared a cool website though that shows you some stats and such so I might be using some the top tracks from there to compile my own version (and then compare to the Wrapped playlist and see how close I got hehe).

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Ohh, what's the website? the problem usually with those websites that they include all the music that you've listened to in 2021, but not only the music that came out in 2021

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