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The feeling of elation or flawless bliss. Raised up to weighlessness and carefree living.      "got me lifted, feelin so gifted... suga suga how you get so fly"

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Hey, glad you posted that. I followed. I have a playlist too. The whole purpose of it is to feel weightless. I'd be glad if you could check it out. I'm definitely sure you'll experience a different headspace altogether. It'll grow on you. Trust. 

Thanks and cheers.

nice playlist! i followed and love the music, especially sebastian paul he’s one of my favorites!! take a look at my longboarding playlist, i think you’d like it!

i followed it as soon as I saw Beach Fossils and MGMT!!

I just found out about him recently. Trojan Horse is definitely my favourite song at the moment

Hey thanks. MGMT slaps bro. They're something different and unique. Beach Fossils is crazy too. 

ooooh this is smooth.

this would be mine to fit that theme.

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