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background music for your morning coffee?


background music for your morning coffee?

let's do an exchange for background music/ chill beats perfect to accompany someone's morning coffee 🌞


I'll go first:

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You can check out my playlists 🙂 Followed yours
You can also check out the "Morning Coffee" playlist from Spotify.

love these, followed:))

great lists, followed:)

A 40 track setlist that is continuously updated 🔄, specifically designed to keep you warm on cool days and cool on those scorchers. Cool blend of sonic sounds, soulful rhythms, & good vibes. Perfect for a warm sun-drenched day.

1. Timeless cool grooves
2. No such thing as a genre here
3. Smooth (think Yacht Rock)
4. Specifically designed for shuffle
5. James Brown would break a cold sweat

One nation under a groove ya'll 🔆 🤜🤛

nice, followed:)

great list, followed:)

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