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banger alert! feel free to drop ur playlists aswell

banger alert! feel free to drop ur playlists aswell

so i have worked on this for a while and its still getting updated every friday when new music drops. im really proud of this playlist and it would mean much to me if u could check it out! and feel free to drop your playlists aswell

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Hi Gabriel Bicanic,

You Really Worked Hard In Selecting The List Of Songs In The Playlist.. Hand Picked 100 Songs Shows Your Love And Dedication Towards Music And Your Awesome Taste Of Music Also.. And This Is A Hard Work You Keep Doing Every Time Is Something You Need A Hundred Kudos.. But Unfortunately Can Give Only One Like.. However, Became A Fan Of Yours.. Will Surely Look At Your Playlist On Each Friday.. You Rock Mate.. Loved It..

Take Care.. Stay Safe.. And Always Be Happy Friend..

Rahul Haldar - Spotify's Diehard & Loyal Fan

thank you so much! it really means much to me that u enjoy my playlist and my taste of music. 

Thanks for the nice words! Stay safe and i wish u all the best!


Hey Dear Gabriel Bicanic,

You Are Always Welcome Mate.. You Rock..

Rahul Haldar - Spotify's Diehard & Loyal Fan

Love your playlist. Im going to follow it, maybe give mine a try aswell


This playlist is especially for late night rides you will find a mix of EDM HOUSE and the best bangers from your favorite artist Follow for new songs weekly.

just followed your playlist @bxoxsxs97 !! follow back with 💗

Followed your playlist Gabriel 🌟

i really like ur  playlist and gave it a follow! keep up the good stuff!

followed it aswell, seems like a pretty good playlist tbh!

Thanks, appreciate it 🔥

Hiii! I gave you playlist a follow 🙂
I'm working on a easy listening playlist from all genres, any feedback would be really appreciated! Thank you 🙂

thanks a lot! gave urs a follow!

i would appreciate it if u give it a follow! 🙂
ur playlists are very nice aswell and i gave them both a follow!

Followed 😊

great, thanks!

Nice playlist I’m stream a few tracks now. Check out my playlist as well you will find some gems up there. Let’s co-promote I will post yours on my IG @fr33thasinner if you do the same 💯💯💯

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