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best gym playlists


best gym playlists

Hey all, I would love to hear your gym playlists so we can all use it for workouts. Here is mine, hope you like it. I love it while being in the gym!

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techno and deep house are my faves for working out, the beat just keeps me moving

You're all welcome to check out my massive 300+ playlist with a lot of metal, rock and hiphop for some hardcore weightlifting.


Let me know what you think!

There's one song that I think is an absolute must on these kinds of playlist.

'Imaginge Dragons - Believer'


Love finding new music, so I'll be checking out the playlists posted here later when I get home!


However, here's mine atm!

Cool playlist! Mine is a bit different, it's a mix of alt rock, hard, rock, classic rock but i hope you enjoy

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