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chill playlist exchange <3


chill playlist exchange <3

15 Replies

followed your first playlists and would love like back 🙂


Love these!

Here is my 'Piano Phases' playlist, which is updated regularly with new music! If you are looking for a great playlist to relax, focus, or simply discover some beautiful instrumental music, give the playlist a listen and follow if you like it! 😊

1. For chill road trips with the windows down, summer breeze in your hair (indie, acoustic)
2. Just str8 up bops (R&B/hip hop). no description required.
3. Late night **bleep** calls; sexy in the sheets (chill, sexy R&B/trap)

heres one of my playlist its mainly hip hop r&b a lot of music to explore. I’ll check your playlist out as well.


gave all of them a follow, such a vibe!! hope u followed mine!!

ayeee loved ittt dropped a like!!! hope u could check out mine

heyyy followed everyone's playlist here hope yall checked out mine!! loved all of your music heapss :))

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