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depression/breakup playlist


depression/breakup playlist

just a playlist I put together called foreverhurting. Any suuggestions for music to put in would be apprecaited and also chuck it a follow thanks. Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 6.42.54 pm.png

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 6.42.54 pm.png
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Hey, I have a new track out which might fit the bill, check it out.. 

Didn't listen to this yet (definitely going to) but I just went through a five year break up so this is right up my alley if I can throw a few recommendations your way lol. 


"Untitled" by The Cure

"Treasure" by The Cure

"Change" by (Sandy) Alex G    -   this is an obvious one maybe "mis" by (sandy) alex g too (an even more obvious one)

"Should've been in love" by Wilco

"Love is stronger than pride" by Sade

"Unreal is here" by Chavez


I release music too but none of it is really too sad lol. just search anthony friedlander if you want to check it out.



thank you heaps! I will listen to ur songs when I have a free moment.

Treasure by the Cure was beautiful, thanks for sharing. Everything will get better in time. Also, checked out your music- really enjoyed it!

Hi, love the topic idea. I'm sure this will help get over someone.



I made this list according to that topic haha maybe you can find any sad song you like. Here is the link!

thank you!!

Rap album I made along with 1 song for your situtaion (Explicit)



"I didn't know apathy could kill our love..."


Hi, Gave it a follow!


I promise you that you will be surprised how well this song would fit your playlist!7


Here is my sad/depressing music, it's more like emo rap (with some emo muble songs in there) but its kinda a youth version of sad songs

Check out this song it has a vibe to it! It got me through a breakup of 6 years... Still one of my favorites

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