different indie moods (feel free to share yours)

different indie moods (feel free to share yours)

the indie genre is so broad, so here are some of my playlists that are mood/aesthetic based !


Dark Indie/Dreampop (featuring cemeteries, Sufjan Stevens etc)




Folk Indie/Art pop (featuring Mark Diamond, Teen Suicide etc)


make me cry


Alt Indie/Aus Indie rock (featuring Cub Sport, Wallows, Sticky Fingers etc)




Feel free to reply with more Indie playlists !!!


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Hey, gave a follow to yours playlists. Here's mine. It's not exactly on.the same lines as yours, but rather is a mix os Indie Rock, Indietronic, Psy, Neo-psy and Soft Rock. I'm sure it won't disappoint. I'd be glad if you give it a listen. 

Thanks and cheers!


**bleep** YES i love the psychedelic feel 🥺

Thank you so much. I appreciate it. 

Nice! I like how specific you are. 


I put one together, just stuff you would want to hear while sippin on a cup of Joe. 



yesss i love these

Check this one. Night / Late Night Indie. Hope you like it. ¡Saludos!



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