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drop your chill playlists here :)


drop your chill playlists here :)

21 Replies

This post was removed for violating the Community Terms and Conditions, specifically "Avoid double posting". Any users posting the same content multiple times will have their posts removed. For more information please read here:

saw atlas and had to save

Hey guys, this is our ‘Piano Phases’ playlist! The playlist features some of the best and most unique chill piano music. If you want to relax, focus, or just love piano music, please do have a listen, and give us a playlist follow if you like what you hear! 🎶

2 year old playlist I currate of indie and small-time acts. Most are unknown. If nothing more you can use this list to find new acts to explore. Loooooooooong.

This is my chill playlist - mix of lofi and other relaxing songs

After giving a listen and following your playlist I'm really looking forward to hearing everything song.  I'm an independent musician,  and do have a bunch of songs that definitely lean towards what I've heard so far.  Here's an example you might like.  If you do, I bet you'd find more on my spotify page you would like 🙂

Lots of love and TLC go into this setlist. Draw from my 50,000+ library of tracks.

🔄Updated. Cool blend of sonic sounds, soulful rhythms, & good vibes. Perfect for a warm sun-drenched day.

Great list !  Here is one that if you like it I think would fit in well 🙂

here's my chill electronic / lofi playlist!! i rly hope you enjoy ❤️

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