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drop your indie/alternative playlists !!


drop your indie/alternative playlists !!

I'll give yours a listen 😄

I'll drop a like as well when you drop a like on mine, just lmk :)))


This one is a slowcore indie rock playlist 


This one is more 80s90s00s alternative 


This on is my folk/indie playlist 

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Here's a folky feels playlist featuring mostly indie artists, newly curated 😎

1800+ tracks, 100 hours of DIY emo, punk, indie rock, garage rock, indie pop, and more! Updated weekly and features a ton of new bands and artists to fall in love with.

i liked your ghost mode playlist, your music taste bops!


and here's one of my chill playlists with a lotta indie artists 🙂

songs to listen while driving alone or with your friends, in the bus or in the train. 

Really dig your playlists! I feel like we have similar taste. Would really appreciate if you checked out my most recent playlist and leave a like/follow if you like it! 🙂 

mine has the vibe of canyon moon by harry styles and just has happy indie songs:)

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