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hip hop playlist exchange


hip hop playlist exchange

playlist exchange for hip hop, 

heres mine;

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Dropped a pluggnb/trap project. it's been blowin up. will appreciate it if y'all checked it out and added a few songs to your playlists.


My rather obsessive 10 hour hip hop playlist. A tribute to the golden era of hip hop and NYC.

Believe it or not - the Germans have got some decent rap too 😉 check out this list of 90s & early 2000s classics!

Rap Mac & Cheese

 ~ Only the best Hip-Hop and Rap Hits!

For most people, Macaroni & Cheese is much better than Caviar. 

"It's the Cheesiest!" 🧀


I see this topic has been open for some time.


Here's my new hip hop playlist of tracks I'm currently listening to.


Hope you guys enjoy it

I made a playlist full of some really good Canadian hip hop because as a Canadian I got sick of everyone thinking Drake is the only good rapper from Canada **bleep**. In my opinion, the rappers on this playlist go a lot harder than most of the stuff Drake has put out. 

Got a basic, but fresh alterna rap playlist for y'all, maybe a bit too much Kendrick Lamar though 😄

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