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if it ain't got that swing


if it ain't got that swing

Hey y'all! I'd love any suggestions of swing, swing revival or upbeat jazz in a swing rhythm - i'll reward you in virtual hugs ^_^




my jazz collection was growing too fast - so a new playlist is in order!

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@cadmielp @ColeJackson @MartinStoichkov @stephtecli 


thanks for all the suggestions! hit me up with more as I'm trying to refresh this list ^_^

Here's a track that combines New Jack Swing with Future Pop:

@synodicperiod not very swingy but not bad! thanks for sharing ^_^


I see it's an old thread, but here is an instrumental sketch of mine in swing rhythm:



@Skeeboo Thanks for sharing that! Love the old-timey vibes.

Thank you! I am really glad you liked it!

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