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indie summer vibes playlist exchange


indie summer vibes playlist exchange

hey guys! I’m looking for some chill summery tunes mostly in the indie/alternative/rock categories! this is my go to playlist Chapped Lips & Bruised Knees by abixvdw thank you(:

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Also love some rock songs in my summer playlist. But I like EDM-pop the most. The most songs are chill beats and are just the feeling while laying in the sun on the beach.


Feel free to check it out! If you got some tips for me feel free te respond

IDK this playlist has the same vibe as the summer, soft, warm, chill and relaxing. HOPE YOU ENJOY.

trying to generate upbeat, positive vibes while the world feels like it's crumbling 😳 🚀

this is my summer playlist that consists of mostly indie pop songs! enjoy 🙂 

Love the playlist! Maybe some of the songs in my playlist below may appeal to you:

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