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looking for a song rec: live fast die young


looking for a song rec: live fast die young

I'm making a playlist with a certain fictional character. I need a song with the theme "live fast die young." So far all I've found is Live Young Die Free by Fletcher, which is a great song but not quite what I'm looking for to fit this particular character. I need something a little less rebellious, and a little more fatalistic belief in oneself dying young. Music genre doesn't matter. Any recs?

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Uno _ Rex Orange County ?

Yeah Right - Joji

Thanks for the recs! 😄 The search continues. The character doesn't want to die, it's more of a superstitious belief about himself, if that makes any sense. I found this one, it's a little closer to what I'm going for.

It really depends on how you interpret the lyrics. A lot of singers have this pessimistic mindset of "since I'm going to die soon anyway,  might as well enjoy life" , but if you are looking for a narrator that is sort of narcissistic, like 'I'm cursed, and God is out to get me so I gotta cherish this here little life and make every minute count", I personally don't think this is a very prevalent way of thinking, or at least not expressed very explicitly just because it doesn't sounds as good as general pessimism. 

I see that you are coming up with songs that are very literal about "dying young" in the song title, I'm afraid it's going to be a long time before you find a fitting song that is good, musically. 

Thanks! I really didn't mean to be stuck on titles, I'm just early on in my search and this is what I'm finding more easily. The character has a superstitious belief that he will not outlive his father's lifespan. His father died at age 39 (the character was 19 at the time). Now the character is 30 and knows that he has to marry to produce an heir (he's a viscount), but he doesn't want to marry someone who will miss him when he's gone like his mother misses his father. So he's looking for a marriage of practicality only. I realize this is a very specific mindset, which is absolutely not common in songs, so I'm trying to match the vibe at least. That's why anything too suicidal or rebellious doesn't fit, so I'm going for a sad resigned feeling. I need to expand my search from the key words "die young" to include other stuff like "time is running out" or "don't love me because you'll lose me." Sorry for being so picky, but I'm in no hurry, so I'm weighing all of your suggestions as well as continuing to look. Thanks for your comment, I really love this kind of discussion! Hope I didn't bore you with the details of the character, lol, but that's the kind of playlist I like to make. 😄

I have a couple reccomendations. I just found this song, and the lyrics ("Ain't handing nobody roses.
And I don't wanna die alone.") seem to be what you're looking for, if he ends up finding a woman to marry.


This other one is just instrumental. It could work, because of the title and feel of it, if he does die

young, whether he's married or not.


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Hey @Hermione_Violet,


As soon as I read those words, the first song that came to mind was this one:




It might be a bit too "rebellious" for your character, but I still thought I'd share 🙂


Something you could try is to use the Lyrics match feature in Search on mobile:

  • Type in "live fast die young" in the Search tab on mobile.
  • The search results will bring up songs which contain these lyrics (you'll see "Lyrics match" written under the song), as well as any songs that contain the search criteria in the song title.
  • You can scroll to the bottom and click on "See all songs" to reveal the full list of search results.


Hope you find that useful. Good luck!

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