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my collection of playlists


my collection of playlists

hey y'all,


I'm new here and just wanted to show off some of my fave playlists. my taste is very diverse so I'm gonna introduce a few for different moods. I'm very interested to see all of yours so list them down and we can follow each other 🙂


1. gayBOPZ

a collection of up tempo songs that I consider popular in the gay community, it's mega heavy with 1300+ songs and I update it regularly.


2. vibe island

a collection of songs I consider a vibe. low, mid + up tempo with chill, groovy beats, this is also updated regularly.


3. big **bleep** energy

a collection of songs by female artists that exude power and control. rap and hip hop heavy with few additional pop songs that fit the theme. updated quite often.


4. the iconic 2000s

a collection of nostalgic songs from my fave decade. i'm from Australia so there's a few songs from my country on there that I grew up with.


5. modern anxiety

a collection of songs that fit the theme of anxiety. mostly mid to low tempo but a mix of genres from acoustic, pop, grunge and rnb. filled with songs with personal lyrics that I can easily relate to. I update this one regularly with songs that speak to me.


6. got blow?

a collection of my fave house tracks. great to play for pre drinks and house parties as it seems to be a people pleaser.


I have many more on my profile x

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These are tight. You've got a lot of songs lol. I followed. Could you check out mine too?

It's a mix of Psychedelic Neo-psychedelic Soft rock and Indietronic. You'll experience a different headspace altogether. Hope you find it interesting. Thanks and cheers!


thank you! definitely following and checking yours out x

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