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new playlists of mine + share some of yours !


new playlists of mine + share some of yours !

here are a couple of playlists i've been jamming to lately, hope you enyoj or at least give it a shot. have a nice one and don't forget to share yours. 

songs to make love to / while you're crying, thinking, breathing, burning / internally / for eternity

since the network connection became lo-fi / have been looking for love / in the funkiest places of this existence / which we call life

some psychedelic rock to tingle your psyche alongside your inner hippie


he was one of my rituals / actually, the, ritual /  we didn't have a choice / but to be mutual / now i linger in his soul / where he blows a piece of him in me / with every letter he sings


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wow you've got some really nice playlists. im definitely checking them out. thank you!

here is my most recent playlist which is just a mix of songs i relate to in some way but i do have other playlists so feel free to check em out


mix of indie pop, oldies


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