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playlist exchange !


playlist exchange !

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Followed both playlists! Here is mine selection of art rock and indie rock/ pop tunes. Have a nice listen! 



followed ! 🙂


if you're a robot who wants to feel something



This is my longest rap playlist 🙂 let me know what do yall think

Liked urs!

liked urs too 🙂

Hi guys follow my awsome playlist  i will follow yours too thankssss have a good day

Hi please follow my playlists ill follow yours  Thanks

Hi i follow you and follow me hihi thanks

Hi i followed you and liked please do same thanks here is my playlist! Still not too much songs in it but im pretty sure you will enjoy this especially if you’re having problems with your boyfriend. Please like & folow my playlist thankyou guys🙏🏻

Hey - great playlists!

Here is my ‘Piano Phases’ playlist, updated regularly and featuring carefully curated contemporary classical piano music. Great for relaxation, focus, reading or if you just love string music! Have a listen/follow if you like 👏

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