Reddbricks Why do you have to be famous to get playlist placement?? I know for a fact the pitching doesn’t work the playlist owner only add famous rappers why did you guys give us a chance to pitch but also waste our time waiting for nothing to happen? I’ve watched a rapper drop a song same day as me and was added to rap caviar top list why? Because he’s famous why give us a playful option the playlist owners really only look for the hottest new music from the buzzing artist who’s on the rise it’s not fair at all people work hard to get on the playlist for it to be over looked stop lying about the pitching they only looking at famous rappers who are already buzzing 

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Bro chill, this is your first release. Focus on your music first, make a lot of music, keep improving the quality, don't stop promoting your songs, reach out manually to playlist curators show them your music.

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