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playlists based off of fictional characters!


playlists based off of fictional characters!

lets see your playlists based off of fictional characters because fictional>>>>>

check out each others' and some of mine:) i'll follow back lol


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This describes most of my playlists! So here you go. I love feedback and discussion!

my new playlist with a mix of Bridgerton show and book related references:

my playlist for WandaVision (a playlist I've had for over a year, just adding show stuff now):

breaking up with canon (my angry/sad playlist in which I complain about character deaths, character deaths everywhere, and blame lazy writers and greedy corporations):

my playlist for The Mandalorian, focusing on the baby, Din, and their bond:

Severus/Hermione (from Harry Potter):

Harry/Ginny (from Harry Potter):

Supercorp (from Supergirl):

Brainia (from Supergirl):

Nia Nal aka Dreamer (from Supergirl - a stripped down version of my Brainia playlist):

Logan/Rogue (X-Men the movie 2000):

Reylo (Star Wars):

Reylo outtakes (Star Wars - stuff I want to add to the Reylo playlist but the mood is wrong; obviously these two playlists need work):

Tasertricks (Marvel Cinematic Universe):

Thor/Jane (MCU):

Steve/Peggy (MCU):

Jareth/Sarah (from the movie Labyrinth):

Rumbelle (Once Upon a Time):

Swanfire (Once Upon a Time):

Philinda (Agents of SHIELD):

Fitzsimmons (Agents of SHIELD):

Daisy aka Skye aka Quake (Agents of SHIELD):

Darcy/Elizabeth (Pride and Prejudice):

Little Red Riding Hood (folklore and various adaptations):

Alice in Wonderland (the original and various adaptations):

Bethyl (The Walking Dead):

Glenn/Maggie (The Walking Dead):

Spawn (Spike/Dawn from the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer):

Korben/Leeloo (from the movie The Fifth Element):

Pitch Black (the movie):

Blindspot (the show):

Spock/Nyota (from Star Trek 2009 - this is a very new and short playlist that needs work):

Sansan (from A Song of Ice and Fire aka Game of Thrones - this playlist leans more toward the book than the show):

Katniss (just some random Hunger Games stuff I put together):

a/b/o (if you know what this is, I don't need to explain):

DC miscellaneous (a catchall for whatever didn't fit a playlist listed above):

MCU miscellaneous (a catchall for whatever didn't fit a playlist listed above):


the hermione one and bridgerton just hit different atm

like all of the vibes match these are amazing


also team peeta>>>

followed + liked 😄


Thank you both! 🙂

I'm looking forward to diving into your Hermione playlist, Anne!

liked and followed these are so pretty😄

dunno y I put so much effort in sorting these but if anyone is looking for a chronological listening experience I got u-

Im years late to this but I have a few inspired by some anime/game characters!! love these so much


misa amane from death note:

hisoka and illumi from hunter x hunter: (specifically songs similar to the mashup of WAP and the zoldyck theme)

monika from doki doki literature club:


and then a few little ones...


makima from chainsaw man:

chopper from one piece:

the strawhats from one piece:


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