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playlists for sleep


playlists for sleep

hey i made a playlist with chill songs to listen to before bed, it needs suggestions and leave any similar playlists below, ill follow for follow

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I have this study playlist, I'm sure you can find some calming music there 🙂

Here is our Late Night Play list. Interested to get your thoughts on ours. Followed yours.

Cool playlist, @mhumilton! I noticed that you’ve included “Wharf Rat” by the Grateful Dead, which I agree is quite relaxing, and a great song.


This thread inspired me to create a similar playlist today of relaxing songs for sleeping, including some of my favorite tracks that I think have a low-key, chilled-out atmosphere:


It’s mostly instrumental; and like @MoleWarp, I included Boards of Canada, as I find their music to be relaxing as well.



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Great playlists here! This is my piano playlist for emotional piano music, perfect for sleeping, reading or having an existential crisis ❤️

The PERFECT playlist to unwind and relax... FUTURE CHILL... moody and chill electronic music

I made one too 🙂 Made some tracks WHILE SLEEPING. I don't know how. It's aimed at 8 hours of sleep.


The ULTIMATE playlist for when the sun sets at 4pm... motivation off, headphones on.


The perfect blend of electronica


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