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"Don't give it too much thought": chill hip hop playlist


"Don't give it too much thought": chill hip hop playlist

Hello, I hope you are all doing well during this quarantine!

I'm from Italy where we've been in lockdown for over two months now, and well, it hasn't been easy. Still, one of the worst things to deal with was the feeling of total dissociation and alienation from what real life is, and the consequent irrational fear and conviction of not being able to go back to normal once this is all over. Making this playlist helped me remember that you should avoid giving too much thought about certain things, especially if you can't help them or can't be sure about them. Just relax, smoke something, listen to chill music and live in the moment. 


Hope you enjoy too!

4 Replies

i'm currently listening to it, thank you

ahhhhhh yess loving the selection

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