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sad playlist exchange


sad playlist exchange

hey everyone!


exchange your sad playlists below.


here is mine. ❤️

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here's mine! inspired by my breakup with my high school boyfriend before going off to college



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Hey, I really enjoyed your playlist and I look forward to listening to more of your playlists.
I have recently created a playlist and If you could please listen to it, give me some feedback on it and drop a like if you enjoyed it.

here's my sad and lonely playlist 💜 feel free to check them out 

Hope you like, i find this one perfect for a good crying sesh. 


My playlist to get sad for like 60 minutes. Mainly features slow/ moderate tempo songs, with powerful vocals, melancholic mood and sad lyrics. Have a nice (and sad :D) listen!


sad songs 😞 


Love it! Followed

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