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sad songs for being sad


sad songs for being sad

sometiems you just gotta wallow

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absolutely loving the title and the whole idea - followed!

you mind checking out this track below? we've just released a full on sad post-hardcore EP and think this one below would perfectly fit in the playlist


I realy liked your playlist. I always like to discover new artists this way. 

I Love to be added to your lovely playlist.  I thought Storm or Let us love could fit wel in there. Thank you for considering a Sad Sad Sad song :-). 

Cheers, Niné

i love ur playlist!! you should check out this song 

Hey @cmahrrr,


Thanks for sharing! My go to sad song playlist is:




I see that we both have Dermot Kennedy in there!

Hi cmahrrr,
I do feel my song I wrote a while ago it would be good enough to add. Cheers and thanks a lot for a consideration.

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