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share Cali Reggae music


share Cali Reggae music

To support Cali Reggae music & artists, I am growing a 60+hr playlist of nearly 1000+ songs. As a mod for the r/CaliReggae subreddit, we are always seeking new music. Send your fav songs and playlists! Thanks, peace and love!

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Congrats on moderating the r/CaliReggae subreddit, @snogards99; that sounds exciting!


While I admittedly don’t listen to reggae as often as I listen to some other genres of music, I’d say that my favorite Cali-based reggae band is Groundation, from Sonoma County.


Groundation play a roots reggae style with some jazz and dub influences; and though you might already be familiar with my favorite songs of theirs, I thought I’d share them anyways in case you like them as well:








I also enjoy listening to this song from the 2008 collaboration Rockamovya, which includes three founding members of Groundation:




And another favorite track that comes to mind is this one by Slightly Stoopid, a band from San Diego whose eclectic musical style includes elements of reggae (again, you might already be familiar with this song, but I thought I’d share it in case you like it, too):





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Hey, snogards99


I don't really listen to Reggae, but I listened to this album, after talking to some random guy, about music. He's really into Punk, so he mentioned this guy, Tim Armstrong. He was the lead singer of the band Rancid. I know of the name; that's about it. The album has some songs, with a Reggae and Ska sound. I think it would fit, and I think you'd like it. Before I just looked it up, and found out that he's from California, I thought of California, when I was listening to it. Here's the album. it sounds good.


Also, here's the guy that recommended it to me. You might follow him, and he might be interested in your playlists. You never know.

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