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share your most chaotic playlists!


share your most chaotic playlists!

please share playlists with randomly mixed genres,

here's one I recently made as well!  : )

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If I could send my whole "Liked Songs" catalog, it would be chaotic xd

I'm already following this one, but I just followed your "11:60" playlist!

The first 4 on my profile are all my random mixed genre playlists. But this is my most chaotic playlist imo haha

damn i've never seen such a massive playlist, thanks will follow it!

for sure its , there is a bit of everything in it. but it adds to the flair of it :

thank you that's a good one, followed!

enjoy the trip.

Here is mine selection of art, indie and psychedelic rock tunes from modern acts with songs longer than 5 minutes. Have a nice listen!

state of the arts 

You can find all the chaos here at

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