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sleeping pill (zzz)


sleeping pill (zzz)

It's been so long since I shared a playlist!


So story time - I used to have chronic insomnia 😮 I invested in a bluetooth speaker and endeavoured to make a playlist that drowned out outside noise and helped me sleep. I now swear by it and take it with me when I crash at friends'.


It's a combination of scientifically proven music, nature sounds, ambient and warm drone.


Let me know what you think and suggest some tracks ^_^

27 Replies

Great selection on this playlist!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I am also curating an ambient playlist, maybe you will find some tracks you like? 


Ambient Tone Harvest



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@Hilyard Thank you Bryan!! Really appreciate it ^_^


Got it on follow - ridiculously relaxing so far! I'll get back to you when I finish it.

@crematedman great playlist, I love the blend of selections from Bach to Brian Eno.

@JESquare Thank you! I try to vary the genres ^_^


If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

@crematedman wrote:

@Hilyard Thank you Bryan!! Really appreciate it ^_^


Got it on follow - ridiculously relaxing so far! I'll get back to you when I finish it.

Glad you're enjoying it. Followed your playlist as well 🙂


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@Hilyard absolutely, i loved it all ^_^


appreciate it - hope it's helped you sleep or chill out!

I would be glad to follow you on Spotify. I enjoy checking out all types of new music. 

@Hilyard I deeply enjoyed your playlist! So many perfect songs for the theme ^_^

Thanks for all your suggestions y'all!

@moshimoshi so many smooth acoustics and soft tunes ❤️

Ocean, rain and white noise tracks on this album are great for meditation, relaxation and sleep aids....

@Cosmic999 I struggle to sleep without a good ocean tune! Thanks for sharing it ^_^

yeah! you should really check out my other playlists too 🙂

@moshimoshi I never saw this!! I will do ^_^

I can see myself falling asleep on my keyboard to this! How did you find such relaxing and soothing tunes?!?

Pretty cool

@user-removed I'm glad you find it so relaxing!!


I used to have insomnia, so I made it a personal project to find and order music that is as relaxing as humanly possible. It helped me sleep soundly and recover my sleep schedule.


It's very specifically curated to avoid any disruptive noises 🙂

Well playlist! 😀

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