smaller artists or playlists


hey! anyone have some song/album/artist/band recommendations? either similar to these artists or literally anything good 🙂 


the lumineers


mumford & sons


the smiths

sam fender

billy joel


they're some big/famous artists i listen to already, so i'd love some similar underrated or smaller music recs!


also, here's a link to a random one of my playlists, i'll follow anyone back on spotify:


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hi! so thats my playlist for the network. this band is actually a green day side project. green day is famous, but the network is really underrated. the songs have a wave punk beat, but give it a try! is really god. also, i followed you on spotify! really loved your playlists



okay so this is my night drive playlist
if u will listen in order u will have these moods: sad - coping - bad **bleep**

it slowly gets better and better lol

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