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songs for a sunny afternoon (and drifting away)


songs for a sunny afternoon (and drifting away)

Hey y'all,


been a while since I shared, this one has a long history for me through my folk phase ^_^ I made this as an introduction for a younger friend with little experience in the genre, but I revisit it myself when I need to meditate and wind down.


Let me know what you think, suggestions and similar playlists are welcome too!

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It features artists such as Bon Iver, Iron & Wine, Ben Howard and The Tallest Man on Earth among local artists like Josh Pyke, Vance Joy and John Butler.

Hi, I just came across this and I love it! This type of music is my favorite right now. I would recommend artists like Bear's Den, Seafret, and Lewis Watson 🙂

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@tsolis18 good shouts! i enjoy all of them ^_^


got any playlists for me? 😮

Awesome! I have one, feel free to add any songs you see fit:

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@tsolis18 beautiful playlist ^_^ lots of heartfelt acoustic


never heard that blackwhite or peter bradley adams track - so good!

@tsolis18 also, some paper kites, william fitzsimmons, nick mulvey, gregory alan isakov would fit in there nicely if you want to check out those gems ❤️

This playlist i made is all about sunny afternoons and golden days. Definitely not a folk-playlist... maybe you'll dig it.


On another thread i wrote a little explainer for the playlist concept:


Dẳzed Dẳisy's ◈ Hẳzey Dẳys

Awakening from a mystical adventure in your mind, a dazzling daydream. As reality begins to render you captive, you're desperately searching for the key to reopen the wondrous world in your mind... Emerging from the depths of hazey playlist obscurity, this collection of tunes will set you free...

@Cinatom speechless 😮 many a sick beat! still listening now ^_^


definitely has that hazey vibe to it.

Glad you liked it! I'll have to check out nick mulvey, all the others are great thanks :,)

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@tsolis18 glad to have shared him with you then, he's a legend! one of the founding members of the amazing portico quartet ^_^

@Cinatom opening track was a perfect choice, discovered a dozen wonderful tracks I'd not heard before ❤️ saw a few of these live, which makes it even better!


snakdaktal was their last live show at the Howler in Melbourne.

tame was before currents but still huge guitar riffs for days, and mac demarco was hilarious XD

sticky fingers i saw at falls too ❤️ seeing them again in november!

flume at big day out drew a crowd to say the least XD

fat freddy's drop i saw at the palais theatre and they were actually incredible - energy, brass, croon, melody, chorus, so good!!

foals and hiatus kaiyote at falls were otherwordly - f-ing brilliant


tycho, neil finn, pond, cloud control, bonobo, james vincent mcmorrow, django django, jagwar ma, grizzly bear, tory y moi, king gizzard and the lizard wizard, and unknown mortal orchestra were at the falls festival - creamy as live 😮

Thanks Matt. its my favourite playlist that ive ever created.. it has some great continuity to it i think 😉

It looks like you've got some great playlists public, i'm excited to check them out, i liked what i saw! 

much love hombre

Hey Matt with reference to your seeing some of the featured artists live! Its kind of uncanney that you've seen so many, im glad that was a connection to the playlist for you. 


Im from sydney, so ive seen a number of these acts  also,

Yon Yonson -  at OAF and around sydney many times... theyre super low key and underrated

Fishing - thes guys are form syd also... they're aboslute legends and I'm so excited to see where they go in the future

I saw Fat freddies at the enmore in 2010, theyre such legends and tbh they were overshaddowed by their support Electric Empire who are killer live

I saw Pheonix at Good Vibrations Festival at in its last year in Syd

I saw tame recently on the foreshore at the Opera House- literally mindblowing


Hiatus kyote, ratatat, snakadaktal (who were supported and were so much better live than Alt-J live), flume, here we go magic, romare, leisure,matt corby,mac demarco,django, caribou, andras fox, seekae - ive all seen live 


BUT tbh... there are so many on that playslist I'd still havent seen AND WOULD LOVE TOO  especially, unknown mortal orchestra, mount kimbe, letherette, suzanne kraft, taylor mcferrin, toro y moi,  sticky fingers!! 

As always you create amazing playlists!


I usually listen to two of my playlists on Sundays or whenever I want to unwind.

I listen to acoustic sounds when it usually rains on a Sunday. It just so happens that it's rainy season from where I live (Philippines). Helps me unwind in the afternoon and even during weekdays after work.


On some days, I love to unwind whilst listening to songs that are mellow electronic like tunes. With friends over we usually listen to this playlist with wine. Personally, it creates a very relaxing/euphoric feeling before we end our day 🙂


Hope you give these 2 playlists a go! 🙂 


@Cinatom ditto, followed a bunch of yours ^_^ it is a bit uncanny! continuity is hugely important when you're curating, you want a transition and immersion.


am i a hero now is an unbelievable track - i like it more every listen.


overshadowing freddy's is a big call, they were incredible XD


so jealous about pheonix and ratatat 😮 my list of must-see acts is pretty long hey


I'm from Tassie by the way!

@aebg420 you're too kind Alyssa!


surprised i've never delved into your profile 😮 you made these super recently!!


the synthpop/electronic rnb/chill house that mellow mix perfectly brings together is definitely a guilty pleasure ^_^ really tasteful choices throughout. Haven't sat down and listened to a playlist start to finish for a while which is saying a lot! The deep, muffled percussion that carries through the playlist is really mesmerising, makes you just want to savour the moment and kick back. I usually say especially (and drop names of tracks i especially dig) but at least every third track in here I get into XD I'll definitely be giving this one a second listen through later (and your other playlists!)


p.s. so keen for ta-ku at falls festival 


[suggestion for the playlist - you might want to separate out tracks by the same artists, also talk is cheap is repeated]




@aebg420 phwoah nailing the minimalist acoustic (i think it's super important that there be silence and gaps in the music for a rainy sunday). it achieves that soundtrack feel that you want for a rainy day playlist  too ^_^


i love that you've not just picked acoustic artists, but the more subdued tracks from great artists for whom that's not their normal sound, and some great covers too 😛


same deal with the "especially" here 😛 


[suggestions - the transition between tracks is less smooth, jumping between genres, and I think a lot of tracks would sum up rainy sunday more than the BORNS track (as much as i loved him live). trouble by halsey in rainy, and the 1975 track in mellow, pulled me out of the immersion when i was listening.]



Thanks for the feedback! I usually just put songs together and shuffle my songs. I never really put thought into how the playlist sequence/track arrangement. I would definitely challenge my creative side and try to curate a playlist that can "tell a story" and try to lessen "dumping" all songs in one playlist. 🙂


In terms of the transitioning, how do you usually create a smooth transition from one song to another? 

P.S. I lived in Sydney the last 8 years and decided to move back to my hometown in the Philippines for 2 years. I myself am planning to go back to go to Falls Festival! I would love to see Matt Corby again. I saw him last November at Metro Theatre and he's such a great artist!

@aebg420 curating is so satisfying though! i love it.


i start by thinking - what songs epitomise my playlist concept? in this case "towers" by Bon Iver, from the first chord it evokes that wistful stillness I was aiming for, and from there you've got ten or so tracks which are the same.


crossfade works well, set it up for 3 to 4 seconds. look out for similar instrumentation, beats per minute. you aim to make it sound like a wave, which means not all the upbeat or acoustic or ballads or whatever, aren't all together.


Big change! Would be beautiful though ^_^ glad to hear it - nice place to return to. he is so soulful 😮


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