the dark side of rock music

the dark side of rock music

This playlist of mine, to which I devote quite a lot of time and effort, marks the sound of Post-Punk starting towards the end of the 70s and gaining most of its glamour during the 80s. And there is some contemporary music, too. Post-punk is rather a dark genre when compared with other rock music branches. It has a different appeal and a cold charm.
Give ear to it if you like!
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Love this playlist--definitely will be giving it a listen! Here's my own post-punk/darkwave/shoegaze mix that you might enjoy:


I carefully keep adding songs to this playlist. If you have similar taste, you are more than welcome to share your playlist and I will listen to those songs and add the ones I like to my playlist.


I really devote my serious time & effort to this darkest dark playlist.

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