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tribal & shaman drums, oriental house electronic dance playlist


tribal & shaman drums, oriental house electronic dance playlist

I like to introduce my 6 week old playlist with ( electronic) magic & ecstatic dance rhythms


grooves from ancient tribes into future networks, high kundalini fire , alternating with hypnotic shaman, voodoo & pagan vibes, sufi-whirling, bellydance and oriental house - highly danceable , good music for party, body work, dynamic activities & workout


for lovers of more chilled shaman, tribal  or meditation sounds, please simply check out our other published lists

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Hi, are you Jürgen Otto ?  If so I love your playlists.. Amazing

Oh, happy to hear that,...and sorry for the delay

I need to learn to bellydance now!


This afro future beats track could be a match for your playlist. Jonny Faith has been getting love from Black Acre, one of the labels for DJ Khalab.


Hi, I've been enjoying your tribal playlist, and I was wondering if my new single might fit in with your tracks. If you feel like having a listen...



All the best



Dear  Paribuddha ,

I've been enjoying this playlist & the rest of your tribal & shamanic playlists A LOT 🙂

I believe some of my tribal tracks will fit there very naturally. Like this one for instance :  Shaman's Dream by SplitBrain


All the very best my friend , peace, good health & great vibes 🙂

Uri aka SplitBrain

Hey Paribuddha


I‘ve just released a track called ‚Shamanu‘ that could fit in your super nice playlist:

what do you think? 
one love, manuel


My world fusion music collective Ancient Future is releasing a new single, and I found your deep sleep - meditation playlist on our distributor’s website because it includes music featuring Benjy Wertheimer, who was an original member of Ancient Future. And then I found your Tribal House Shaman Dance playlist, which is why I’m trying to reach you.

I thought you might be interested in Ancient Future’s new single. “Lustful Elephants Trumpet Spring” came to me in a dream after studying Rag Basant. It begins with a low riff that depicts an elephant's legs, and then moves to a jump from low to high like an elephant trumpeting in excitement. You can definitely feel the elephant in the room!

L.E.T.S. was recorded live at Ancient Future’s first virtual concert and features Indian tabla master Aditya Kalyanpur, jazz fusion keyboard wizard Frank Martin, and me on scalloped fretboard guitar. Here’s the pre-save link where you can listen to the release on all the major streaming services:

Ancient Future has released seven full length albums, including four on major labels, one of which features Indian tabla legend Zakir Hussain, and we are featured on samplers on labels such as Putumayo.

I noticed that you used the term Organica in your playlist description. About 25 years ago when EDM became very popular with dancers, Ancient Future developed a dance program that I named Organica as a counterbalance to Electronica:

I could send you some of the tracks that we performed at those dance events.


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