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unrequited love playlist

unrequited love playlist

songs i listen to when my love has gone unrequited. they make me feel sad, but somehow better at the same time. follow and send me songs you think would fit in this playlist 🙂



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Ahh yes I love songs in this category, thanks so much for sharing! Definitely going to be keeping up with this one 🙂

that's so kind, thanks so much!!

"you were never mine..."
Mrs Major Tom song from this album:

thank you for the recommendation, it's a beautiful song!

Okay wow, I didn't even see you had Eloise in there already. Oops. This list is God-tier, you've earned my cosign.


EDIT: Was browsing though your profile and peeped Bippo Bampus, Frankfort Oceania, Choker, Bolly Murch, and Herrick & Hooley. And... and Ritt Momney?!??? You can't tell, but my mouth is agape rn.

left side by eloise is the perfect song, thanks so much for the recommendations!! 


also this reply was hilarious and so kind, hope you have a good day man!

Lol I'm glad. Thanks fam, have an awesome one.

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