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Do other people see if I play their playlists?

I can't seem to find the anwer to this question anywhere... Do people know if I play their playlists? IN a situation where you don't know a person very well, but like their music taste, i'd be awkward for them to know you listen to their music, it seems, so i'd like to know how 'private' it is when you get music from other people. 


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Re: Do other people see if I play their playlists?

From my experience I strongly think that it doesn't happen. I never get notifications if anybody listens to my playlists or starred list but there is an option on Facebook that lets the world know what you have been up to on Spotify. If you are are familiar with the layout on with the social networking site, there is a chatbar on the lower right and if you click on that you would see an assortment of people on your friends list. Now I realized that next to some of your friends there are little music notes that indicates that they are jamming out on Spotify. If you click on them you can listen to the song at the exact spot they're listening to. Whether both of you want if or not there will be a post floating up to your wall about the song you listened. I know, my thoughts might be jumbled...

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