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How do I report a content error?

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Where does one report an error? I have found a few songs that are wayyyy wrong and they need to be corrected. But of course i dont remeber them all.  i do know that Straylight Run – Hands In the Sky (Big Shot) is not hands in the sky. when played it actually plays Straylight Run – A Slow Decent. Since the tracks follow eachother on the album, a slow decent gets played twice, only one is under the name of Hands in the Sky.

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Re: report an error

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Hey David, please see


I've also changed the title of this topic a bit so that others in the Contribution board can see where to go for this info.

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Re: How do I report a content error?

If i listen to spotify thru my BT and then push the button to voicedial all is fine!!! But when it connects to the other parts phone and the ringtone is there the music plays in the background😡very annoying
Iphone 4s ios 5.1.1/6.0.1/6.1 same on all firmwares
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Re: How do I report a content error?

Biffy Clyro - Singles 2001-2005 - Released 1008AD


All to often, good bands feel the urge to rush albums out, regardless of quality, so I was pleased to note on Spotify that Biffy Clyro had taken the not unsubstantial haitus of 994 years between thier first and second album.


Errors in content is understandable, but no basic data validation ?

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Re: How do I report a content error?

Hey Joniff, Welcome to the community :) 


Have a read at the topic Richard linked to above for instructions on how to report such content errors to the appropriate team so they can get in touch with the record label. 



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