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‎2013-12-06 02:33 PM

Hey everyone,


I just got overwolf not too long ago, and found Spotify in their appstore.  For any one who plays PC games, it is a great way to operate Spotify while you're playing, and it comes with a Teamspeak3 overlay app.  Simply a brilliant piece of software.  So much so, that I even connected it with my Facebook and Gmail. For the "uberconnected," there are other apps for the other major social media sites and skype calling.  To have all this centrally accessible in-game for a quick check or something without having to switch screens, and even putting some stuff on hotkeys (I made spotify [F11]) such a great convenience.  


Here's the link if anyone's interested: http://www.overwolf.com/


I highly recommend this program.  Check it out!


Almost forgot... it also uses it's own custom version of Google Chrome to browse the web, Which I am currently using.

-Otto Schnitzelbritches
(Musician, audiophile, sailor, and generally awesome dude.)