2020 Wrapped STORY not opening

The Wrapped 2020 playlists are visible when I access Spotify Wrapped 2020 from the webpage. I can sign in and it will redirect me to the app with my most listened to playlists.


The story does NOT show. No matter what I do, whether it is on Desktop or Mobile. No matter what browser I use. It will not show me my Spotify Wrapped 2020 story. How is this going to be resolved?

Hey everyone,
We've conducted multiple investigations on this topic and have resolved some underlying issues that we identified could be causing this.
We've also looked closely to all of the latest reports and have to conclude that there are 3 reasons as to why you would not see your Wrapped Stories.
If you have received a personalized email with individual listening time and you have your personal top songs playlist:
  1. Your app is not updated. Make sure that you have the latest version of the app - you can check that on the Google Play store and Apple store depending on your device. It's also a good idea to clear your device's cache. Fixes were rolled out in v. 8.5.86. We see that most of the folks who had the issue are reporting this as being what ultimately resolved it for them.
  2. You have custom animation, accessibility and/or developer settings on your device.
    Android users: Check your developer and accessibility settings and make sure that your animations are on. The steps for that vary for different devices, but you can find some helpful posts from our friendly users herehere and here.
    iOS users: Ensure Reduce Motion is disabled as mentioned here.
    Everyone should also enable Canvas in their app settings.
If you have not received a personalized email with individual listening time and you don't have personal top songs playlists:
     3.   We weren't able to gather enough listening data to offer your personalized experience.
We understand how everyone looks forward to our yearly statistics and how not receiving those can be a let down, so we would like to clarify on the reasons why this can happen. 
You need to have had a Spotify account before November 15th and have listened to at least 5 different artists, 30 different tracks, and 60 minutes of music before the 15th.
Even if you have listened more and have met these requirements, there're other technical aspects that could cause us to not be able to gather your data. For privacy and data security reasons, we cannot access your listening information manually and rely on automated systems to build your Wrapped statistics. There can be several reasons why your data can still be anonymized, even for our tools. Any networking software that tries to obfuscate the origins of your connection for example can be a cause of this. The investigations are ongoing and will be used to create lessons from which to learn.
With this in mind we will build upon Wrapped to make it better for everyone in the future. We do want everyone to be able to experience Wrapped and that is one of reasons why we made available for folks, who do not use Spotify at all.
Our sincere sympathies to all who've not received their personalized Wrapped experience.
We hope you still enjoy the insights into the global stats and we'll be working diligently to improve Wrapped for next year.

Hey folks!


Thanks for all the info. We'd just like to add some extra details about the Wrapped 2020 Stories.


We can confirm that stories only available on mobile and not on desktop - so it's expected that you will not not able to see them on your computer. Instead you can check out our worldwide statistics here.


You should be able to find the Wrapped hub when you search for it in the app on mobile or when logging in on our website.


To get a personalized Wrapped experience we need to have enough details about your listening habits, so if you haven't used the app a lot it's possible that you won't be able to see the personal stats. This means that you need have created your Spotify account on or before November 15th 2020 and listened to at least 5 different artists, 30 different tracks, and 60 minutes of music in total.


Lastly, keep in mind that we have 2 more ongoing issues connected to Wrapped that we're looking into. If you're able to open the stories but the slides skip quickly - you can leave a +VOTE here.

And if your app crashes when you try opening the stories - you can +VOTE here


We'll keep gathering your feedback here, so make sure to include the details we ask for in our status update!




I went to look at my Wrapped 2020 stats and the tab on mobile just had the three playlists. I was wondering if there was a delayed rollout for this feature or if my account was bugged in some way?

I am having the same issue. My sister has Apple and has no issue viewing her top artists, I can only view my top songs but there is no option for me to view my slideshow. Really frustrating.
I am having the same issue, all it is showing me is my top songs of 2020, I am trying to locate my stats from 2020, including my top artist etc....
The same exact thing is happening for me and I don’t know how to fix it either.

Hi There


I am having issues viewing my 2020 wrapped on spotify, I click the link on the link and it just sends me back to the app with just my top songs of 2020 in view, and I cannot locate any of my 2020 stats e.g. My top artist, top genre, & top track etc... 


Please Help...


Nathan King

Same here

The same thing is happening to me as well not sure how to fix it. No matter where I login in from it just takes me to the app.

Having the same issue !!! I tried on a couple devices
Same, really wanted to see that slideshow...