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2020 Wrapped STORY skipping through slides

My spotify just zooms past every slide in the slideshow for Spotify Wrapped for no reason. I cannot look at any other of my slides except for the last one when it stops. Why? How do I fix this.

Hey everyone!


Thanks for your reports and cooperation on this.


With the help of many of you from the Community, we were able to identify the cause of this, which seems to lie outside of the the app itself.


In order to prevent the slides from skipping make sure to turn off your battery saving features and check under your device's developer or accessibility settings to ensure animations are configured as mentioned here and here.

We have received confirmations across multiple channels that following these steps resolves the issue. We want to thank @Lajobu , @1122054442  and everyone else who contributed to this.


Please be aware that this thread is specifically for your stories skipping. If you're experiencing other issues, we will not be able to address them here. Take a look here for more information if you're not seeing your personalized Wrapped experience for example.


Have a great holiday season! Cheers!

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I had the same problem in Android, however I realized that the problem was caused by some developer options in settings. I had always selected the option "animation off" in the next options:

-Window animation scale

-Transition animation scale

-Animator duration scale.

I recommend you to turn this options to the predeterminate value, "Animation scale 1x" for all the options, because after that I was able to open and see my wrapped 2020.

I hope this helps!

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I found that the issue was being caused by the Battery Saving mode on my phone. The moment I turned it off it started displaying everything properly, when turned back on it skips through all the slide again. 


My developer options (Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, Animator duration scale) were also already on 1X.




So turning off the battery saving mode should fix the issue for some of you. Hope it helps!


Andriod + Version + Sony Xperia XA1

Same issue. Skips through all the slides to the last one without being able to swipe back.


Update: Logged-in on someone else phone (IOS) on version and it did work, so it seems to be version, but not account specific at least. 



The Link in the Status Update (regarding problems with not loading Wrapped 2020 at all) does not lead me to a website nor a Spotify link. Could you check on that?



Plan: Premium 
Country: United States of America
Device: LG G6 H872
Operating System: 8.0.0
Spotify Version:

Same problem here. Every time I try to view the story/slides on the app on my phone, they rapidly skip all the way to the last one within a few seconds. This has been happening as current as the time of this post -> 8:18AM. Uninstalling/reinstalling the app did not fix the problem. 


I'm also having this issue with a Samsung Galaxy J7 V, my OS is Android 7.0.1 (Nougat)


same here ._.

lg q6 with android version 8.1.0

keeps skipping.. uninstalling/reinstalling doesn't fix

spotify version


I just switched to another mobile device and it worked, so it seems there was something wrong specifically on the phone?



I'm using Spotify, device: Xiaomi redmi note 4x, android version 7.0 (MIUI 11.0.2)



Mine is also doing this - it just seems to skip past all the slides and pages and then finishes on the last shareable page.

I can't see anything on the other slides, it's like someone is tapping on the right hand side of my screen really fast to skip each slide. 


Plan: Free 
Country: Northern Europe
Device: LG-M250n
Android version: 8.1.0
Spotify Version:


I'm also having this issue.


My app crashes as soon as I try to open it