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30 minutes of ad-free music not working

This has happened more than once. Usually right when I start Spotify via Iphone app. I'll get the outro "The next 30 minutes are on us after this short video" or whatever it says, then it will play commercials (not a video), then a couple songs (not 30 min worth) then more commercials. Another time I did the video thing, it played the video, then music for 18 minutes, then ads.

Hi folks, we can confirm this has been fixed by our teams. 

We've noticed a few of you are posting in this thread regarding other issues you're having with your account. If this is the case please post a new Ongoing Issues thread so we can report it to the right teams. Thanks for your patience while we investigated this. 

Status changed to: Under investigation



Thanks for reporting. Our tech folks are aware of the issue and currently looking into this. 


Could you let us know which operating system you're using? Also, can you remember what the ad was for? 



The same thing just happened to me, I logged out of my account and when I logged back in it said I couldn't play anything unless I pressed shuffle play but before it would make me listen to a 15-30 second ad for "30 minutes of ad free music" but now it doesn't do that.



I am having the same problem on both my Windows and my iPad. I just timed the "30 minutes ad free" video and only got about 15 minutes. I believe this is the second time today but the first time I didn't time the first one. I have noticed in the past that it definitely didn't seem like 30 minutes had passed (only 2-4 songs would play). So today I decided to time it. Will check back for updates.


I am having a similar problem. I get about 15 to 20 minutes "ad free" after watching the video, then 2 or 3 30-second ads play (audio with an image, no video). 


@James I am on Iphone 5C and have the most up to date IOS. 


I think the problem has actually gotten WORSE. 


It will play the ad/video whatever and then the app totally locks up. I can't click anything, the only way to fix it is to restart the app, and then when I do it doesn't give me my 30 min of ad free music... it just plays the annoying commercials as usual.


And on the topic of commercials I am getting the SAME ads over and over and they are ads for spotify.  I AM NOT GOING TO UPGRADE TO PREMIUM. Do you guys make your commercials annoying and awful on purpose? because that makes me want to upgrade even LESS. In fact it makes me want to go back to Pandora...


I have repeatedly the same problem (and I'll point out that this isn't just annoying, but effetively fraud on the part of Spotify).


I understand that if I choose to skip over songs, then the 30 minutes may be modified, but I have found many, many examples of not touching anything and having a ommercial 10 to 15 minutes after the video.


For me, this always happens on Android (I pay to not get ads on Windows).

Yes. I use a range of devices from Mac to Samsung to Windows and I always have the same problem. Sometimes on my own playlists I will only get to hear 1 song before hearing another commercial. I have continued to test the "30 minute" break but I only ever get 15 minutes. No change. It's frustrating. Especially since it is often the same ad over and over. That's probably more annoying than anything else.

Same issue.  Nexus 4 / Android.  V4.1.0.868.

Watched AntMan ad.

Interrupted with general guff after about 2 or 3 songs.


If it's going to be ad-free, I don't expect that to be "ads other than Spotify self-promotion" (if that's what is going on).



Same issue. Samsung s5. Always 15-18 minutes between ads. I also get a lot of Spotify Premium plus, telling me to sign up for premium. Not sure if it's a 'glitch' or if they're just trying to frustrate people into getting premium.