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384Khz still not working.

So I know ive posted this same issue 2 weeks ago, but for some reason my reply was not showing up and my thread was closed 7 hours ago do to no response. I even got the reply badge an the posted images are still in my account. So I really dont know what happened there. Its gone.

Strange o_O


So yeah the Problem is still happening and only in the Soundblaster X AE-5 Direct Sound Mode. The Direct Sound Mode allows the Soundcard to just use his DAC and AMP without any Software enhancements to Output Sound, this helps to improve the Soundquality alot. So the strange thing is that this mode ist causing troubles when im going higher than 192Khz 32bit. So I can't use the 384Khz 32bit Option with Spotify.

In the software mode I only can go as high as 96Khz 32bit so no problem there.

The Problem is this is really hard to test with other devices do to the lag of devices with such high samplerates.


I hope this makes it clearer.


So the images with the Soundcard and Windows 10 Settings are still linked on my account gallery. Maybe the Spotify Team can have a look 🙂


Sry about that really strange reply thingy, I really really dont know what happened there, its just not there, its gone, gone to the deep deep internet 😮

Hi @enslaved2die!


Spotify currently does not support a sample rate higher than 24-bit/192kHz whereas this is the maximum available set up for 320kbps (the highest resolution on Spotify as of right now).


Any news regarding lossless quality with higher sample rates will be announced in the original idea topic here.


We suggest using always a set up not higher than 192kHz for Spotify to properly work.


Due to the above we'll be moving this post to the "Not an issue" section. If you need help with something else, feel free to create a new post.




What an absolutely mental response by Spotify. Bumping this thread to let everyone know that this is still an issue. I had reported a similar issue with my Kadas Tone Board only to be lead to this thread by another user.


"Just use weak hardware - lol" - Spotify


What an inane response.


@Skorrn_exactly... this is so freaking annyoing, they really should fix there damn Audio Implementation. Changing the thread to "Not an issue" is a kick in the stomach. It is an issue, people are complaining, than its an issue, it wouldnt be an issue if I would be the only freaking person on this planet with this issue, but its not the case. So they really should fix there faulty windows audio implementation.



@enslaved2dieSo weeks later and I'm still monitoring this issue and I've come to a realization here: Spotify just doesn't realize we aren't asking for higher quality audio, we're asking them to fix the issue with devices capable of higher quality audio. In a similar thread here a Spotify rep reached out with the vote for higher quality/lossless audio - which is great, but not useful for what we need. I'm not certain how to make them realize that we're mainly focused on the issue itself and not lower audio quality.


Looking at your older comments on here, it's clear they didn't hear you either.


Yes Spotify ... You need to keep up with things. I agree that not all Hi Res sounds wonderful? But having to keep switching audio when using the app is a little dated.


I'm also bumping this thread and I also state, that I don't want better audio quality - I just want, that spotify will not crash when my soundcard is set to 32/384 - it can throw there 32/192 - it's fine. I just want to listensome music without a need to exit direct mode on G6 nor a need to check audio quality back and forth ...


Hey @enslaved2die, @baratacb, and @ndx202-. I wanted to let you all know that I created a post pointing out this bug here. I really hope the Spotify reps try to report this as a bug this time and not as a request for HiFi music.


2021-12-02 And the Issue is still present! Just tried it again with a Soundblaster AE-5 Plus aaaand with a 32bit 384kHz sample rate (or what it's called).
Spotify is not worth the money if this program just doesn't work at all if you have a soundcard or are able to switch to the mentioned bitrate/sample rate in your settings!


Just got myself a AE-9, i got the same problem. Just spent an hour on support chat to try to fix the problem, i stated i got a new soundcard even stated it was an AE-9 and they had no clue what to do or say, i figured out the problem myself after they had me re-install Spotify and take screen shots of the error msg. The fact that even the support team don't know this shows they don't care about the problem.


I have same problem, it's time to stop paying for Spotify and use some other newer software like tidal...


I'm using a sound blasterX G6 set to 384kHz output rate and have noticed that it seems to work when I start playback on another audio device and then switch over so there's clearly no hardware incompatibility, just an implementation issue.


Same as everyone else, I don't care if the sampling rate is max 192kHz, I just wanna be able to play music without an awkward workaround. If I could debug it I would.