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384Khz still not working.

So I know ive posted this same issue 2 weeks ago, but for some reason my reply was not showing up and my thread was closed 7 hours ago do to no response. I even got the reply badge an the posted images are still in my account. So I really dont know what happened there. Its gone.

Strange o_O


So yeah the Problem is still happening and only in the Soundblaster X AE-5 Direct Sound Mode. The Direct Sound Mode allows the Soundcard to just use his DAC and AMP without any Software enhancements to Output Sound, this helps to improve the Soundquality alot. So the strange thing is that this mode ist causing troubles when im going higher than 192Khz 32bit. So I can't use the 384Khz 32bit Option with Spotify.

In the software mode I only can go as high as 96Khz 32bit so no problem there.

The Problem is this is really hard to test with other devices do to the lag of devices with such high samplerates.


I hope this makes it clearer.


So the images with the Soundcard and Windows 10 Settings are still linked on my account gallery. Maybe the Spotify Team can have a look 🙂


Sry about that really strange reply thingy, I really really dont know what happened there, its just not there, its gone, gone to the deep deep internet 😮

Hi @enslaved2die!


Spotify currently does not support a sample rate higher than 24-bit/192kHz whereas this is the maximum available set up for 320kbps (the highest resolution on Spotify as of right now).


Any news regarding lossless quality with higher sample rates will be announced in the original idea topic here.


We suggest using always a set up not higher than 192kHz for Spotify to properly work.


Due to the above we'll be moving this post to the "Not an issue" section. If you need help with something else, feel free to create a new post.




This is CLEARLY STILL AN ISSUE.   People aren't asking for higher res music streams, just for the Spotify app on Windows not to bug out if you have your audio set above 192kHz:


It's not an issue of people wanting to listen to high res music on Spotify, it's that if you're using another app/service that does take advantage of higher sample rates, you need to switch back to use Spotify.

Playing sound through Chrome still works.  Why shouldn't Spotify?


Hi, I would also like to bump this since I am also affected.


As mentioned several times, using the Spotify Windows desktop app forces it users to set a system wide setting to a lower quality. Basically we have the option to either accept the fact that we do not get the best possible quality with other applications which do support 32 bit/ 384 kHz or have to go through the major inconvenience to change the setting back to 32 bit/ 384 kHz everytime you stop listening to Spotify.


Another indication that is just a bug is that if you start playing music with the 32 bit, 192 kHz setting and change to the 384 kHz setting during playback Spotify keeps playing.




Issue is still not fixed. Spotify still won't play at 384kHz except when changing the bitrate during playback. #unacceptable #notsolved #itsaproblem


Oh well ... because Spotify cannot fix a simple thing (making Spotify not crash when 384kHz is set) I just canceled by family membership. Fingers crossed for the others that you'll get the fix at some point. 


This is absolutely an issue.

This is a bottleneck that requires people to lower the quality of their entire setup to use spotify.


I agree with others that this is still an issue and not something we should have to downgrade our system audio to support Spotify.


I was able to work around, while still leaving system audio to 384k.  If you start to play music in Spotify you will get no audio, but if you click the speaker icon in the system tray and switch the audio to another source and then back to your DAC you will start to hear sound.  To me, this makes the issue a little more strange that it can work but you have to have the audio going while changing the interface.


So we have 2023 and this issue is still  continues to occur.

Creative AE-9 32 Bits / 384 kHz Direct Sounds on headphones.


I'd like Spotify to Support 32 bit x 384 KHz, this is what my Creative Sound Blaster AE-5 Plus can do, and every other new program works.
As a  long-time paying Premium subscriber, I'd be delighted if the manna came.


Here's why, Spotify.

Imagine we could drop by our local HiFi shop, just ask for a room, at a certain quality ("Popular", "Hi-Fi", "Hi-End") sink into a couch and just tap the nfc phone by the terminal, and all our playlists are there at the higest (corresponding level of the room) resolution in Spotify, which is the choice of HiFi Saloons because it can deliver even at 32 bit x 384 KHz when your equipment can.