384Khz still not working.

So I know ive posted this same issue 2 weeks ago, but for some reason my reply was not showing up and my thread was closed 7 hours ago do to no response. I even got the reply badge an the posted images are still in my account. So I really dont know what happened there. Its gone.

Strange o_O


So yeah the Problem is still happening and only in the Soundblaster X AE-5 Direct Sound Mode. The Direct Sound Mode allows the Soundcard to just use his DAC and AMP without any Software enhancements to Output Sound, this helps to improve the Soundquality alot. So the strange thing is that this mode ist causing troubles when im going higher than 192Khz 32bit. So I can't use the 384Khz 32bit Option with Spotify.

In the software mode I only can go as high as 96Khz 32bit so no problem there.

The Problem is this is really hard to test with other devices do to the lag of devices with such high samplerates.


I hope this makes it clearer.


So the images with the Soundcard and Windows 10 Settings are still linked on my account gallery. Maybe the Spotify Team can have a look :)


Sry about that really strange reply thingy, I really really dont know what happened there, its just not there, its gone, gone to the deep deep internet :O

Hi @enslaved2die!


Spotify currently does not support a sample rate higher than 24-bit/192kHz whereas this is the maximum available set up for 320kbps (the highest resolution on Spotify as of right now).


Any news regarding lossless quality with higher sample rates will be announced in the original idea topic here.


We suggest using always a set up not higher than 192kHz for Spotify to properly work.


Due to the above we'll be moving this post to the "Not an issue" section. If you need help with something else, feel free to create a new post.



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This behaviour is only happening in the mentioned settings. Restarting Spotify and even the whole PC doesnt change this behaviour. When Im below 384Khz I can switch between Samplerates without restarting Spotify.

My PC is self made so here the core data:


Intel Core i7 7700K (not overclocked)


Mainboard: Asus ROG Strix 270H Gaming

Gigabyte G1 Gaming Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070

Soundcard: Creative Soundblaster X-AE5


OS: Windows 10 Pro 1703 Build 15032.632


currently im on the Spotify Windows Desktop Client Version

Ive tried this with the Windows Store Version aswell. No hope either.


I hope this is all you need :)


There is a growing demand to get lossless quality for Spotify since ever growing population is starting to understand how poor the sound quality really is. After mp3 era people started to be more interested in lossless quality but since Spotify this development simply dissapeared for some years. Now Spotify is so good service that next logical step is to improve the music quality.


I have this same problem. It does not make sense to invest for a good audio system, if tracks are much lower quality. I think 384kHz worked earlier on Windows7? Can you put get notification when this is fixed?