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7 second gap - playback issues when using Chromecast

I stream from a Android tab to chromecast 1e gen, yesterday de layout was changed from:




There is also a +/- 7 sec gab between the songs, the song starts until 7 sec with no sound, than restarts at 0 with sound, I also have a chromecast audio witch works fine and dont have the gab problem.

Someone any idear wahts going on ?

Hey folks,


We just wanted to check-in, to reassure you that the right team are aware of things here.

We appreciate all of the reports, and the comments you've provided.


We don't have an exact time frame for a fix, but it's with the right folks!

As a result of this, we'd like to close this thread up now.


Should we hear more, we'll still head back here and let you know, don't worry 🙂

Also, don't hesitate to reach out again if you notice anything else.


Thanks for your patience and understanding.




Same here on ios 10 iphone 6s

Plus various connectivity problems. I have to restart all devices many time before it works, very painful. All was ok before last update


Same from iOS, except for the gap


Scratch that, there's a about 7 seconds gap. The counter starts at 0, counts silently to 7 and then reverts to 0 and the song starts playing. What a **bleep** 😞


I noticed this, too - very weird visual update, IMO.

Spotify, please revert back to the old slicker row of album arts (or an improved version of it), not the current one with a plain black background which is really not good to look at.

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @Gooffy72! Welcome to the Spotify Community!

Spotify is always trying to improve by testing new features. That's why you might see some changes in the layout. For the gap problem, could you let me know if this is happening with a specific song or playlist? Let me know! 🙂


Have a great day!


The gab problem is by every song change, no mather if its a album or playlist.


Hey @Gooffy72!


Hmm, what device are you casting from? Could you reinstall the Spotify on your device with these steps? Let me know how you get on! 🙂


Have a great day!


i'm using 3 diverrent android devices, a samsung galaxy s2 and s4 and a samsung galaxy tab 10.1, with all 3 devices i'l get the same result.

I did de reset on the tablet like you say, nothing changed, the gab still appears.

When i listen to spotify directly on one of the 3 devices everything works fine.

When i'm using spotify on my Samsung smart TV there is also no gab.


Have a nice day,



Hey @Gooffy72!


Thanks for letting us know. Try restarting your router to see if it makes a difference with the gap.


Be sure to keep us posted on the results 🙂


The new layout seems pretty bad. I also liked to see previous/next songs when using Chromecast. Can you please reconsider reverting it back or adding it to the new version


I restarted my modem and router, it makes no difference to the gab. I was happy with the previous version and never experienced the gab before, now i'm not so happy using spotify at my home because of the gab and the crappy layout, hope there will be a fix very soon.


I will keep you updated.